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Off the coast of Central British Columbia, halfway between Vancouver Island and the Alaskan Border is a group of densely forested islands which boast the highest population density of the white Kermode or Spirit Bear. Here 1 in 10 bears are white, and on some of the smaller islands the ratio is as high as 1 in 4. The Spirit Bear is revered by, and has special spiritual significance to the First Nations Community who consider its appearance to be a good omen, and for many wildlife enthusiasts to glimpse or perhaps photograph one is a once in a lifetime experience.

We offer the unique opportunity to be one of a select few to visit these islands during the autumn salmon run, stay in a thriving First Nations community, and go in search of the fabled Spirit Bear in the company of local guides and renowned biologists and conservationists. A boat is used to access remote areas on the islands and surrounding mainland where Spirit Bears are known to fish for salmon, and all viewing is done on foot, often utilising natural hides and involving patient vigils. Due to the sensitivity of the area a maximum 6 visitors can be accommodated at one time, and while the distances travelled inland from the boat drop-off points are relatively short, some difficult terrain may be involved so a reasonably level of agility is required. This is however a fantastic opportunity to really immerse yourself in the Canadian wilderness and habitat of the rare and elusive spirit of the Great Bear Rainforest.

As well as offering a realistic chance of encountering Spirit Bears, the area also offers excellent opportunities to view Grizzly Bears in nearby Fjordlands Recreational Area, a pristine wilderness environment on the adjacent mainland. Once again a genuine wilderness experience is assured as all viewing is done on foot under the guidance expert local guides. This unobtrusive, low impact approach to bear viewing ensures some of the most natural encounters to be found anywhere in North America.

There is also a strong cultural element to this experience as you will gain a first hand insight into the vibrant Tsimshian and Heiltsuk cultures of your hosts, and the guides will take time to teach you about their peoples' history and traditional way of life. You will learn about traditional food sources and medicinal plants, as well as contemporary First Nations culture and customs, and visit a newly erected traditional "big house" which is the social and spiritual centre of the community.

The islands are well served by ferries and scheduled flights from Vancouver and Port Hardy in northern Vancouver Island, and charter floatplane flights from Bella Coola, so this special Spirit Bear Tour can be easily combined with wildlife activities elsewhere.

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