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The Kenai Peninsula is where land meets sea and it embodies how many people visualise Alaska: a mountainous wilderness surrounded by fertile waters where Humpback Whales and Sea Otters abound, and glaciers calve into the ocean. Here you may also see Black Bears, Steller Sea Lions, Seals, Porpoises, Tufted & Horned Puffins, Murres, Murrelets, Cormorants, Kittiwakes, Petrels, and a wide variety of other wildlife, both marine and terrestrial.

Mountains, glaciers, and the ocean define the Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai Mountain Range is its spine, and cradles the icefields that spawn the region's numerous glaciers. The peninsula is bordered to the west by the protected waters of Cook Inlet, and to the east by the Gulf of Alaska. The northeast of the peninsula is the gateway to the pristine waters of Prince William Sound that were once blighted by the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the southeast to world famous Kenai Fjords National Park.

Much of the activities on the Kenai Peninsula revolve around boats, whether it be a whale watching excursion to view the majestic Humpback Whales that migrate here each summer to feed on the abundant krill and schooling baitfish, a glacier tour in Prince William Sound or Kenai Fjords National Park, or a wildlife cruise to observe Sea Otters or the region's numerous seabird colonies. More often than not a boat excursion encompasses all three. It is understandably also an outstanding sea kayaking destination and a kayak is a wonderful platform from which to observe Sea Otters and many of the pelagic seabirds that flock to the area.

The interior of the peninsula also has many attractions for wildlife and landscape enthusiasts. Much of the inland area forms part of the Chugach National Forest which is home to the Black Bear, Lynx, Moose, and Porcupine, to name but a few, and the famed Kenai River boasts a huge run of red Sockeye salmon which attracts Brown Bears, River Otters, Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and a steady influx of fly fishermen prepared to fish side by side with the bears.

The eclectic coastal community of Homer near the southern tip of the peninsula is also one of the gateways to world famous Brooks River Falls and many other outstanding bear viewing locations in Katmai National Park and McNeill River State Game Sanctuary on the other side of Cook Inlet. Homer is a thriving and vibrant community of commercial fishermen, descendants of original Alaskan homesteaders, artists, writers, and alternative lifestyle seekers. Much of the town is perched on a steep escarpment overlooking the bountiful water of Kachemak Bay and the mountains and glaciers of Kachemak Bay State Park.

We offer comprehensive self-drive tours of the Kenai Peninsula incorporating glacier, wildlife, and whale watching cruises in Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Kachemak Bay, and single or multi-day bear viewing excursions to Katmai National Park from Homer.

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