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IIn the far north east of Canada, much of it inside the Arctic Circle, is the recently formed, Inuit self governed territory of Nunavut. It is a land of towering mountain peaks, fjords, glaciers, icebergs, and ice floes, with wildlife as dramatic and exciting as the landscape. Here Inuit communities live a traditional lifestyle of hunting and living from the land and sea, albeit aided by some of the trappings of modern life. Here you will find Nanook "The Great White Bear" in the ascendancy, lord of all he surveys. Classified as a marine mammal he is as comfortable in the water as he is on land, but is not alone in either element.

On land he shares his kingdom with the Arctic Fox who depends on the Polar Bear for much of its food and the shaggy and indomitable Muskox. Then there is the Arctic Hare which ekes out a precarious living as best it can, as does the Lemming. More southerly, mainland areas are also home to Caribou, Wolves, and Barrenland Grizzly Bears. The latter are increasingly being seen at more northerly latitudes, alongside their larger cousins, perhaps evidence of climate change.

The icy seas are home to the Bowhead Whale, the only large baleen whale to spend the entire year in Arctic waters, and owner of the largest mouth in the animal kingdom, and the Narwhal, the near mythical unicorn of the sea. In the water or hauled out on floating ice floes you will also find the mysterious and enigmatic Walrus and the Polar Bear's preferred prey species: the Bearded Seal, Hooded Seal, Harp Seal and Ring Seal.

The Arctic is much more than a wildlife destination however. Here you can experience first hand a culture and lifestyle that has persevered for thousands of years in one of the most extreme and harsh environments on earth. Here you will also find some of the most breathtaking and dramatic landscapes to be found anywhere on the planet.

Let Bear Trails take you on an adventure of a lifetime to the north coast of Baffin Island, 60 miles inside the Arctic Circle. Here you will explore this magical land at the end of the earth, by boat, motorised canoe, or snow machine (skidoo), accompanied by expert Inuit guides. Watch in wonder as a Polar Bear swims effortlessly beside your boat, or a pair of giant Bowhead Whales mate on the surface nearby.

Understandably you won't find modern hotels and restaurants this far north. What awaits those possessed of an adventurous spirit is basic but comfortable accommodation, a warm welcome from your Inuit hosts, and the experience of a lifetime in a pristine wilderness landscape beyond most people's wildest imagination..

We can also arrange stopovers in Iqaluit, the fascinating capital of Nunavut where you can immerse yourself in the culture, art, and customs of the Inuit, as well as summer camping expeditions at the Floe Edge, and expeditions to view and photograph Walrus, Muskox, Caribou and Wolves elsewhere in Nunavut. All of these Arctic adventures can also be combined with visits to our other exciting Canadian destinations.

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Nunavut (Arctic)

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